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About Kate Hogenbirk
Social Media Manager & Creative Director

Hi, my name is Kate! I am the creative mind and manager behind the social media posts you might see on our HVCS Facebook page on a daily basis.

Also the web design you are seeing now!


 I have always had a big passion for art, design and marketing in many different forms, from fashion design to digital design. I also do marketing and branding for different types of small businesses like local art galleries, my own clothing brand, and of course HVCS!

I am a big advocate for mental health myself, I love sharing and spreading mental health awareness whenever I can. That's why I felt like it was a natural and exciting fit to become part of the HVCS team. I believe therapy is an amazing, life changing tool for so many people. I am so honored to be part of this team and help bring awareness to the incredible services Taryn and the HVCS team have to offer people.

In my spare time I love designing clothes, thifting, DJing, attending music festivals, camping, travelling, meditating, and reading a good self help book!

Favourite Quote: "You are the creator of your own reality."

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