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About Corey
M.Psy, RP (Q)

Frontline professions such as EMS, Nurses, Police, Fire, and Correctional Officers are facing

more complex challenges and risks than perhaps any other time in history.


Our health, wellbeing and performance depends on many complex systems working together. I

utilize a holistic and comprehensive approach that aims to improve health and performance,

assisting clients in cultivation of new practices and perspectives as they pursue their ideal

future and self


Corey is an interning master’s student from Yorkville University. Corey has a Criminology

Degree from St. Thomas University and has worked since 2005 for the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety. 


Corey has worked as a Correctional Officer, Correctional Supervisor, and Programmer; and has worked extensively with vulnerable populations for more than a decade. He has also been part of several emergency response teams and policy development.


Corey's areas of focus are Individuals, Professionals, First Responders, Athletes and uses parts of CBT and DBT, primarily, to treat a number of challenges like; Motivation, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Professional and Personal Performance.


Corey has a passion for treating Trauma and stress related injuries, performance management and optimization, anger and aggression integration, Motivation, addictions


Favorite poem:


“Go All The Way” - Charles Bukowski


More than just work:


I am a lifelong martial artist, past competitor, and former team member of the New

Brunswick and Canadian Karate teams with multiple medals from the National and World

Karate championships. These days I enjoy mixed martial arts, hobby farming, reading

philosophy and cognitive science, and spending time with family.

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