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About Sam Richard
Virtual & In Person Therapist


Life can be confusing and hard to navigate alone. I think people avoid seeking

support due to the stigma around mental health as well as this social idea that talking

about our thoughts and emotions is a sign of weakness. I think this creates an idea of

what it means to be strong where we push through our struggles hoping for better days

that may never come. Over time, we can sink into a dark space that begins to affect

everyone around us and we have no where else to turn. We feel stuck, lost or even


My job is to be your guide. My focus is to be there for you. My goal is to help

you achieve your goals. That means during our time together, we may take an eclectic

approach to meet your unique needs.

You will be provided with a relaxed and down to earth approach to our therapeutic relationship. I believe that too much professionalism can be off putting. However, I will still hold you accountable and I will challenge you when I feel it is needed.


I strive to create balance in our therapeutic relationship so that you can gain

valuable insights, personal growth and work towards achieving the changes you desire.

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C) and Counselling Therapist (C.T) with a

Masters in Counselling Psychology (M.A.C.P), as well as a Certified Professional Life

Coach (C.P.L.C). Over the last 7 years I have gained experience via: Lifeworks,

Morneau Shepell, Gentle Path Counselling Services, Coverdale Center for Women and

CBI Health.

Client Focus:

Individuals, Teens 13+ and adult populations.

Types of therapy: ACT, BT, CBT, MBCT, NT, SFT


(Standard) Anger, Anxiety, Academics, Bullying, Burnout, Depression, Career concerns,

Conflict/communication, Emotion regulation, Grief and loss, Infidelity, Life purpose,

Parenting, Phobias, Relationships, Self-esteem, Separation/Divorce, Stress

(Specialties) Cultural Issues, Sexual Orientation/ Gender Identity/Transitions, Spirituality, and Metaphysics

Favourite quote:

“Grow through what you go through”

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